Air quality affects how we live and work. High levels of air pollution can adversely impact health as well as contaminate production processes. That’s why an effective air filtration system is essential for many industrial, commercial, and residential facilities.

What Is PerForm® Filter Media?

Air filtration systems collect and remove unwanted airborne contaminants. Their performance—including their filtration efficiency—depends on the filter media used. PerForm® is the leading HEPA/ULPA filtration solution. This next-generation filter media provides superior performance and processability.

Why Use PerForm® Filter Media?

Filter manufacturers have long requested an improved class of filter media for use in high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filtration applications. The PerForm® product line was designed to raise the bar on filtration performance and media processability. PerForm was developed through a combination of extensive materials research, pleating trials, and proprietary process forming technology. It offers the following benefits: 

  • Greater uniformity
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Reduced pleating machine setup times
  • Decreased pleater scrap rates
  • Increased running time, throughput, and yield

The improvements in processability also benefit performance. For example, the superior pleat definition in PerForm filter media enhances laminar flow characteristics and contributes to lower pressure drop within the filter. The product family achieves efficiencies at a 9% to 16% lower pressure drop compared to standard media, which can mean lower energy usage. 

Choose H&V’s PerForm® Filter Media

Air filtration systems are used to achieve and maintain specific levels of air cleanliness in various applications. They are specified by the amount of recurring contaminants and the number of room air renewals needed. Systems that incorporate PerForm are commonly used in industrial cleanrooms for electronics and pharmaceutical production, hospitals, and other highly demanding or sensitive applications requiring HEPA or ULPA filtration.  

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