Poor indoor air quality has been linked to many health issues including respiratory illness. H&V’s filtration technologies for residential appliances create healthy, clean, and safe home environments while using the least amount of energy.

  • AlphaPerm® 100 % synthetic meltblown air filtration media offers 40% lower resistance compared to standard meltlbown media, and is highly charged, with excellent pleatability on backer, rotary and blade pleaters.
  • H&V’s Technostat® appliance filter media offer 30% to 50% lower resistance at a specified efficiency than any technology available on the market. This makes it ideal for small-space applications that require high efficiency with very low resistance—the type required by pre- and post-vacuum cleaner and room air cleaner filter applications. 
  • Technostat’s filtration performance, stability, and durability are ideal for vacuum cleaner primary filters; the media’s extended charge-holding capability means longer filter life.
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    Modern vacuum cleaners demand filter media with the highest cleaning efficiency and the lowest energy consumption. Such filter media must allow for high suction levels, smaller motors with less amperage, minimal noise, and high fine particle efficiency at both HEPA and sub-HEPA performance.

    Room air cleaners need filter media that offer high clean-air delivery rates (CADR) at low energy consumption. The CADR measures the efficiency of the room air cleaner to remove dust particles, pollen, and tobacco smoke. It also determines how much air the appliance delivers and how often it changes the air in a room. Therefore, a lower efficiency filter with much lower resistance may have a higher CADR than a more efficient, higher resistance filter. The CADR is an important consideration when purchasing a room air cleaner.

    H&V offers a wide selection of highly engineered appliance filter media that are ideal for vacuum cleaner and room air cleaner applications:

    • Electrostatically charged meltblown media provide high efficiency with low pressure drop at economical prices for vacuum cleaner bags.
    • Pleatable microfiber glass media offer HEPA and sub-HEPA performance for exhaust vacuum cleaner filters. Our new Perform® media have the lowest resistance at a specified efficiency of any glass media available.
    • For applications requiring high efficiency with very low air resistance, we recommend electrostatically charged synthetic pleatable media.
    • Technostat®, our premium media for appliance filter applications, is triboelectrically charged to provide the highest level of efficiency, lowest air resistance, and highest dust-loading capacity.
    • NanoWave® is an extended surface synthetic media that offers 2.5 times the surface area than standard media. Our design delivers higher efficiency, lower air resistance, and significantly higher dust-loading capacity.
    • MFMTM media is ideal for odor removal of nuisance organic vapor and gases. Our unique patented technology combines particulate and gas phase filtration in one media to meet demanding adsorption requirements.

    H&V glass and synthetic filter media meet standards and influential energy ratings within the appliance industry.

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