Technostat® is the leading electret filter media traditionally used in critical applications such as medical ventilators, spirometry, CPAP and respirators. Further Technostat developments provide IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) solutions to the increasing requirements of Cabin Air, Commercial, Industrial and Residential HVAC markets. It offers an unparalleled value to filter manufacturers, servicers, and end users. These developments have also resulted in using far less raw materials thus reducing carbon footprint, transportation and warehousing costs.

Advantages of Technostat® Filter Media

A proper electret media is best used where space is constrained to maximize value. The constrained space will allow for a die-cut part or dramatically reduce the area of filter media used in a pleated configuration. But not all electret media are created equal. H&V’s Technostat® is the leading electret product in the market, providing the lowest pressure drop available at a given efficiency.

  • Higher Efficiency for Capturing Small Particles and Low Pressure Drop. Sub-micron particles can present a risk in high efficiency filtration. Technostat® can attract and capture these small particles effectively. Another primary advantage of Technostat is that it has very low pressure drop, meaning lower resistance than other types of filter media.
  • Long shelf life. Technostat® stored within the recommended storage conditions shows no sign of loss of efficiency for an extended time. This is a critical factor for Ventilators and Respiratory products where the finished filter is stock piled for an extended time.
  • Optimum Filter Design. The electret fibers that make up these filters use electrostatic forces, not physical barriers. This allows for economical filter design solutions while maintaining a high performance against aerosols with fine dust particles and air contaminants without restricting airflow.
  • Energy Efficiency. Because the filter uses electrostatic force, the HVAC system in a vehicle or building doesn’t have to force air through a highly resistant filter barrier. This reduces the overall power usage for the HVAC system, leading to less wear, fewer repairs, and a longer lifespan. Most importantly, it reduces energy costs to building and vehicle owners.
  • Performance in Highly Regulated Applications. Technostat® is widely used in Medical Air applications such as Ventilators, Spirometry and CPAP offering a very high degree of Bacterial and Viral Fractional efficiency to protect patients, caregivers and the equipment as such. In addition for Respiratory application following EN149 and EN143, Technostat offers best in class performance, especially suitable in high strenuous environment like mining.
  • Desirable Characteristics. Besides offering a high sub micron efficiency at low pressure drop, Technostat® offers very high dust holding capacity, and excellent process-ability.

Choose Technostat® Filter Media From Hollingsworth & Vose

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