Maintaining quality indoor air free of bacteria, viruses, and environmental contaminants is vital in healthcare facilities. H&V provides high-efficiency medical filtration media that ensures everyone from a patient on life support to the doctor caring for him breathes clean air.

  • The unsurpassed gamma of Technostat® media efficiently removes sub-micron particles, making it the first choice in hospitals and clinics for respiratory support filters.
  • Our Technostat media offers 30% to 50% lower resistance at a specified efficiency than any technology available, while offering an exceptional dust-holding capacity.
  • Applications

    When it comes to Technostat’s and Technosat Plus’ superior filtration efficiency, dust-holding capacity, low airflow resistance, and effective shelf life, there’s no comparison in the critical care market. No other filter media removes bacteria as effectively from patient equipment airways using the same surface area. Our Technostat and Technostat Plus media provide lower pressure drop at the same efficiency rating without sacrificing ease-of-use or comfort, and are ideally suited for the following applications:

    • BFE/VFE–bacterial/viral filters
    • Spirometry filters for pulmonary function testing instruments
    • Respiratory machines such as CPAP to treat sleep apnea and to treat pre-term infants whose lungs have not fully developed
    • Filter/Heat Moisture (HME) filters for applications in critical care, respiratory care, and anesthesia
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    Molecular Filter Media

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    Technostat Electrostatic Filter Media

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