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Choosing the right battery separators contributes significantly to the performance and life of your battery. At Hollingsworth & Vose, we manufacture and globally distribute Hi-Sep battery separator materials made from synthetic and glass fibers that outperform phenolic resin, polyethylene (PE), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) separators in VRLA gel batteries. This page will discuss the features, advantages, and applicable industrial applications for Hi-Sep battery separators.

Why Use Hi-Sep?

Different battery assemblies require specialized battery separator materials.  Hi-Sep is one of the only globally available VRLA gel separators that can be supplied in various configurations to include rolled goods, leafs, sleeves, and with or without glass mat.   Hi-Sep rolled goods for VRLA gel allows battery manufacturers to increase their battery throughput.  

Hi-Sep has demonstrated that it outperforms other separators in VRLA gel batteries and premium flooded lead batteries.  Hi-Sep is designed with a high porosity at 70% or more to improve ionic mobility increasing performance.  Further, the optimized torturous pores prevent dendritic shorts extending battery life.  Our Hi-Sep battery separators use close to a non-leachate formula with binders, synthetic fibers, filters, and glass fibers. Its unique composition makes it an excellent replacement for other commonly used separator materials, such as PE, PVC, and phenolic resin.

Our Hi-Sep battery separator products feature the following characteristics:

  • 70% or more volume porosity that enables ionic mobility (ideal for VRLA gel batteries)
  • Tortuous pores preventing dendritic shorts 
  • Low electrical resistance
  • The lowest electrochemical oxidation in its class
  • Durability in high-heat environments
  • Low levels of impurities compared to others
  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Available in leafs, sleeves, or rolled good
  • Good strength properties and resists punctures improving battery assembly and high vibration applications
  • Versatility for use across a wide range of battery products with different designs and specifications

What Application Does Hi-Sep Serve?

Our Hi-Sep battery separators have supported countless PSOC and deep cycle battery applications for over ten years. They offer exceptional performance in rugged applications and extreme environments that demand consistent battery performance amidst harsh operational conditions. 

Hi-Sep battery separators can be used in a diverse array of battery products found in many Industrial Motive and Reserve Power applications.

Industrial, Motive Power

Our Hi-Sep product can extend the life of VRLA gel battery cycles in Motive Power used to move, handle, and sort goods in warehouse settings. Hi-Sep battery separators see frequent use in batteries for warehouse material handling operations equipment such as forklifts.

Industrial, Reserve Power

We produce Hi-Sep battery separators for reserve power applications that have unpredictable use cycles. The Hi-Sep product line includes standby power separator units that have glass mats, rib variants, and a combination of these features to meet the needs of UPS and telecom applications.

Choose Hi-Sep From Hollingsworth & Vose

At Hollingsworth & Vose, we specialize in creating high-quality battery separator products that meet each of our clients’ stringent performance and material standards. We serve the automotive and industrial sector with durable separators that enhance battery lifespan and performance for rugged applications. Our teams can tailor separators to meet your application needs. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and products.