Nanoweb® technology, a Hollingsworth & Vose innovation, is a patented cutting-edge fine fiber filtration solution for use in cabin air, appliances, cleanroom, HVAC, gas turbine, and many other high-efficiency filtration applications. These markets benefit from Nanoweb filter media’s low pressure drop for any given efficiency, which provides end-users with low energy consumption. Nanoweb technology is an advanced multi-layer composite, where fine fibers are integrated with other proprietary H&V filter media. 

What Is Nanoweb® Filter Media?

Nanoweb filter media is 100% synthetic. It delivers the highest levels of stable filtration efficiency while also minimizing air resistance. The technology enables low total cost of ownership (TCO) for commercial HVAC, cleanroom, and gas turbine operators who are looking to meet stringent mechanical filtration requirements. Nanoweb filter media composites have superior pleatability on both rotary and blade pleaters.

Why Use Nanoweb® Filter Media?

H&V’s Nanoweb fine fiber media can provide 40% lower resistance than traditional standard microfiber glass media. It can also be used to boost the performance of low-efficiency media and raise the discharged efficiency levels of charged media. These advantages can be leveraged in a number of different applications depending on industry standards and customer requirements. 

The advantages of H&V’s Nanoweb composite technology include:

  • Very low pressure drop for a given efficiency 
  • Best-in-class levels of mechanical filtration performance
  • Outstanding durability
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Excellent processability and pleatability
  • Flame retardancy

Choose H&V’s Nanoweb® Filter Media

If you’re searching for high-performance filtration solutions with extremely low pressure drop, Hollingsworth & Vose offers a wide selection of filter media. Our focus on research and development has enabled us to create the highest-performance filter media available on the market. In addition to our Nanoweb products, we offer a diverse portfolio of market-leading technologies, including NanoWave®, Technostat®, AlphaPerm®, HEPA microfiber glass media, and MFM™ media for odor removal of gases and organic vapor. 

For additional information or to discuss your specific requirements, contact us today. We’re ready to help you find the right filtration solution for your needs.