In almost every region of the world government regulators have outlined a decarbonization roadmap.  The light passenger vehicle has some of the most stringent carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions targets to include zero carbon emissions by 2030 in some European countries.  In order to meet these aggressive targets, advanced battery technology is needed.

The requirements for automotive batteries are increasing to include the batteries capability to instantaneously charge, also known as Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA).  Moreover, the battery is also required to charge fast over a longer duration, also known as Charge Acceptance (CA).  

In Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), the advanced lead battery is called upon in functional safety situation when the Li-Ion vehicle propulsion battery fails and the driver must safely operate the vehicle off the roadway.  PowerAmp addressed both DCA and CA to power Stop/Start or hybrid vehicles and functional safety situations when Li-ion propulsion fails in a BEV.    

Why Use PowerAmp™?

At Hollingsworth & Vose, we design and produce high-performance AGM separators, pasting paper, and battery additives to advance the lead battery. Our PowerAmp™ innovation is a multifunctional DCA/CA pasting paper that wraps the negative plates in enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) automotive batteries. PowerAmp™ has demonstrated that it improves the DCA and CA performance of automotive batteries. Some of the benefits of PowerAmp include:

  • Complete “drop-in” DCA pasting paper solution for EFB or AGM Automotive.
  • A 63% performance improvement in DCA
  • Double the life cycle length for automotive batteries
  • A reduction of lead sulfate crystal formation during battery use
  • No need to add advanced carbon components in the paste mix

What Applications Does PowerAmp™ Serve?

Our PowerAmp™ pasting paper productis primarily designed for EFB and AGM automotive batteries.  PowerAmp™ has demonstrated 63% improved DCA at 80% SOC enabling vehicle OEs to meet CO2 emission targets.  PowerAmp™ is also a “drop-in” solution for your battery design.  The pasting paper acts as a highly porous carrier that adheres to your anode lead paste encapsulating the electrode.

Choose Hollingsworth & Vose for PowerAmp™

Since 1728, our family-owned company has been producing high-quality products. We have evolved to specialize in designing and producing high-performance products like PowerAmp™.  PowerAmp™ is a dynamic charge acceptance pasting paper that improves battery performance, life and reduces automotive CO2 emissions to meet government regulations. Contact us to learn more.