What Is an Alkaline Battery? 

Batteries function by converting energy generated by chemical reactions into usable electrical energy.  Alkaline is the battery chemistry for consumer electronic applications, including wireless peripherals, gaming consoles, and various electronics accessories. Alkaline batteries are cost-effective power solutions that are readily available at many retail stores. H&V offers alkaline separator products to meet the alkaline producer and consumer’s needs.

What Are Key Advantages of Alkaline Batteries?

Alkaline batteries offer longer performance life than non-alkaline batteries, such as zinc carbon. Other advantages they have over other types of batteries include: 

  • Lower cost. They are less expensive than other batteries, especially secondary or rechargeable batteries.
  • Longer shelf life. They can be stored for up to 10 years while maintaining 80% capacity.
  • Greater extreme temperature resistance. They can work in extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. 
  • Easier disposable requirements. They do not contain lead, mercury, or cadmium, making them easier to dispose of than batteries that contain these compounds.
  • Smaller risk of leakage. They are less likely to leak than many other types of batteries. 
  • Broader versatility. They are available in standard sizes, so engineers and developers can easily incorporate them into product designs.

Why Use H&V’s Alkaline Battery Separators?

H&V’s alkaline separators are stable and used in batteries that promote a 10-year shelf life. The products offered are lightweight materials at just 25–30 gsm. The benefits of our alkaline separator include:

  • Low impurities. Our paper products have little to no metals, contaminants, or chemical impurities. They are nonreactive. 
  • Light weight. Pasting paper won’t significantly add to the thickness or weight of the assembly.
  • Optimal battery performance. The separator does not interfere with other substrates in the battery assembly. It can be used for a consumer’s low- or high-rate discharge device.

What Are Some Common Applications of Alkaline Batteries?

The longevity, efficiency, and safety of alkaline batteries make them particularly useful for a wide variety of industries and applications, including: 

Low-Drain Devices

Low-drain devices are items that use electricity sporadically rather than continuously. Due to their inconsistent electrical usage, they require a battery with long service and shelf life. Low-drain devices that benefit from alkaline batteries include: 

  • Alarm clocks
  • Camera flashes
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Flashlights
  • Game controllers
  • Portable radios
  • Remote controls
  • Toys

Medical Equipment and Devices

As medical technology continues to advance, more and more medical devices and equipment require safe, long-lasting batteries. Alkaline batteries are used for many medical products, including: 

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Electronic thermometers
  • Infusion pumps
  • Pulse oximeters

Industrial and Commercial Equipment

Alkaline batteries offer dependable power for extended periods of time, which makes them ideal for use in critical industrial and commercial applications where safety and reliability are key. Examples of devices and systems that use them include:

  • Digital voltmeters
  • Door locks
  • Laser pointers
  • Mobile scanners
  • Portable transmitters
  • Remote controls
  • Smoke alarms

Alkaline Battery Solutions From H&V

Due to their low cost, long shelf life, broad versatility, and many other advantages, alkaline batteries are a popular energy solution for many devices and systems. Want to learn more about them? Ask the experts at Hollingsworth & Vose!

At Hollingsworth & Vose, we offer advanced materials for cleaner energy storage products, including alkaline batteries. We provide separators in a range of configurations to suit different requirements. To learn more about our materials and how they are used in alkaline batteries, contact us today.


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