At Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V), we are committed to providing advanced material solutions for filtration and energy storage applications that contribute to a cleaner world. One of our premium offerings is PA10-6. PA10-6 is a microglass fiber additive that is used as a processing aid in lead battery assembly. It can also contribute to improving battery performance and life. 

PA10-6 is a glass microfiber additive for lead paste mix; it improves plate curing during processing.

The glass fiber is engineered to disperse in the paste mix, improving structural and performance properties. It has a fiber diameter that corresponds well with the pore structure of the pasted plate and can be used in both AGM and flooded batteries.

​​Why Use PA10-6, Glass Additive?

PA10-6 is added to the positive or negative paste mix, where it improves the following:

  • Processing (curing, drying, plate stability)
  • Charge acceptance
  • Battery capacity
  • Automotive crank

During battery processing, it’s important to achieve the optimal paste density. Without PA10-6, excess water can form and become interstitial in void spaces between lead oxide particles. When PA10-6 is added to the paste mix, it absorbs the interstitial water due to its hydrophilic properties. The water absorption prevents the paste from turning to slurry and improves the uniformity of the paste density before and after curing.

What Are Some Common Applications of PA10-6 Glass Additive?

PA10-6 is a microglass fiber additive that can be used in both AGM and flooded lead batteries. It has demonstrated processing improvements in both sealed and flooded batteries. Additionally, it can improve battery performance and life in both lead battery designs.

PA10-6, Glass Additive Solutions From H&V

At H&V, we design and manufacture our battery additives, separators, and pasting papers to meet the highest standards for performance and battery assembly. To learn more about our advanced material offerings and how they are used in batteries, contact us today. We can be your trusted partner and expert for your battery solution needs.

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