Why Is Cabin Air Filtration Important?

Cabin Air Filtration

Cabin air filters serve a vital role in improving the Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) and protecting the health and safety of vehicle passengers and drivers. Cabin air filtration is crucial in all types of vehicles, not only passenger cars but also utility and commercial vehicles.

Importance of Cabin Air FiltrationWhy Is Cabin Air Filtration Important?

Research shows that millions of people die prematurely due to illnesses attributed to indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution occurs not only in commercial and residential buildings—where we live, play, and work—but also in the interior of vehicles: cars, buses, trucks, and other utility vehicles.

The air inside vehicles can be more than a dozen times worse than just a few meters away on the outside. Even if we spend about 1-2 hours of our day driving, we will get up to half of our daily exposure to vehicle-related pollutants during that time.

At first, indoor air pollution will cause only discomfort. However, some pollutants can cause serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases that will appear only after a period of time. Approximately, between 5%-10% of individuals globally have asthma or suffer from some type of allergy due to airborne particulates.

Benefits of Cabin Air Filtration

Airborne contaminants in vehicles can be particles, like pollen, soot and dust, but also gasses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like e.g. Sulfur dioxide, n-Butane, Toluene, Ammonia, Nitrogen Oxide, and Aldehydes, as well as bacteria and viruses. These contaminants may originate from both the inside and outside the vehicle.

One key way to improve your Vehicle Interior Air Quality (VIAQ) and protect your health against dangerous air contamination is the use of H&V’s CabinPro™ filter media solutions in your cabin air filters.

With their superior performance, CabinPro™ products ensure the essential: breathing healthy air for vehicle operators and passengers.

To learn more about CabinPro™, H&V’s Cabin Air Filtration Solutions, please click here.

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Cabin Air Filtration Applications

Cabin air filters are used in many vehicles, including:

  • EVs (electric vehicles)
  • Hybrid passenger vehicles
  • ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles
  • Heavy-duty trucks,
  • Trains,
  • Buses,
  • and other commercial vehicles

Cabin air filtration is also crucial in other vehicle interior air applications, including:

  • Aerospace applications
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Heavy-duty equipment
  • Military vehicles
  • Off-road vehicles

Choose H&V’s CabinPro™ Solutions

High-efficiency cabin air filtration media like CabinPro™ ensures optimum driving conditions, protecting the health and comfort of everyone in the car and increasing the lifespan of the vehicle components. Hollingsworth & Vose is a world-leading provider of high-efficiency, low-pressure-drop cabin air filter media for a variety of applications. To download the Cabin Air Infographic, please click here.

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