Cabin air filters serve a vital role in the operation of any motor vehicle. These compact, low-maintenance components are essential to protecting the health and safety of all drivers.

Why Is Cabin Air Filtration Important?

Indoor air contaminants are one of the world’s leading environmental problems. Approximately between 5%-10% of individuals globally have asthma or suffer from some type of allergy due to airborne particulates. These contaminants include pollen, soot, dust, bacteria, and gases from other vehicles, which can enter vehicles that do not have proper cabin airCabin Air Filtration filters.

Americans tend to drive the most compared to any other country. If the average American drives about 1-2 hours a day, they are subject to as much as half of their daily vehicle-related pollutant exposure in that timeframe. The air inside of a vehicle can be up to twelve times as polluted as the air outside. The difference in air quality comes down to the lack of proper air filtration in many vehicles.

Cabin air filters remove fine dust, gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs); prevent exposure to allergen odors, and ozone exposure; and reduce window fogging and health-related driver distractions. Using our patented filter media technology, CabinPro™ keeps the indoor air quality of cars, trucks, buses, and work vehicles pristine. They are easily installed in internal combustion engine (ICE) cars above the glove compartment, in some EVs additional space allows larger filters to be installed.

Types of Cabin Air Filters

Hollingsworth & Vose carries an array of different types of cabin air filters, from basic filters to high-performance composite solutions. These are our patented filter media—fibrous, porous materials that filter microscopic particulates:

  • Particulate filter media
    • AlphaPerm™, Technostat®, and NanoWeb™ filters protect drivers and passengers from pollen, dust, debris, and other contaminants smaller than 2.5 μm.
  • Adsorption filter media:
    • Our gas phase filter media contains a layer of charcoal that adsorbs tiny particulates and contaminants. It captures certain smoke and exhaust fumes that typically escape other types of filtration media.
  • Combination media:
    • This solution consists of a combination of activated carbon cabin air filter and AlphaPerm™, Technostat®, or NanoWeb™ filter. This combined solution delivers the highest efficiency at removing gaseous contaminants, odors, viruses, and bacteria.

Cabin Air Filter Applications

Cabin air filters are used in ICE, EV, and hybrid passenger vehicles as well as heavy-duty pickup trucks, buses, commercial vehicles. However, cabin air filters are also essential in other indoor air applications like others like: Recirculated air in aerospace applications, Construction equipment, Heavy-duty equipment operators, Military vehicles, Off-road vehicles, Agricultural vehicles, and Long-haul, big rig trucks

Cabin Air Filtration Solutions From Hollingsworth & Vose

Hollingsworth & Vose is dedicated to creating air filtration solutions that contribute to a safer, cleaner future. Our research and development team has invented three distinct filtration brands: AlphaPerm™, NanoWeb™, and Technostat®. These high-performance filter media are among the most effective on the market.

  • AlphaPerm™: This filtration media works in vehicle cabins, N95 respirators, HVAC, and appliances. AlphaPerm™ provides very low pressure drops as well as superior efficiency, reduced noise levels, low energy consumption, and enhanced comfort.
  • NanoWeb™: This 100% synthetic, multi-layer filter is optimized for cabin air, cleanroom, appliance, gas turbine, and HVAC applications. They exhibit 40% less resistance than typical microfiber glass filters.
  • Technostat®: This filter is ideal for cabin air, commercial, industrial, and residential HVAC applications. Its electret fibers use electrostatic forces to filter air and deliver high efficiency with a low pressure drop.

What distinguishes H&V from other filtration providers is our ability to innovate products and processes, our strategic partnerships, and the expertise of our employees. Together we are able to develop and deliver high-quality filtration solutions to protect people from harmful respiratory pollutants.

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