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The light passenger vehicle has some of the most aggressive regulations to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In order to meet these CO2 goals, advanced battery technology is needed.  The global automotive industry has relied upon H&V to increase battery life, performance, and enable the reduction of CO2 emissions.

H&V’s All-Glass AGM separator is the world-leading, automotive battery separator for VRLA AGM batteries.  Our All-Glass AGM separator product line can be customized to meet your plate width, plate insertion gap, and battery compression.  Further, our products are produced with low, medium, or high surface area to meet the needs of your battery design and application.  

Why Use All-Glass AGM Separator?

H&V’s All-Glass AGM battery separators have been proven for over a decade in the global automotive market. They are preferred worldwide for the following reasons:

Longer Battery Life

Our separators have best-in-class elasticity rebounding close to the original thickness. H&V’s AGM separators store elastic energy and rebounds once cathode compression (caused during battery cycling) is released.  H&V’s improved thickness retention extends battery life versus other all-glass separator alternatives.

Improved Battery Performance

All-Glass AGM separator by H&V has lower electrical resistance compared to other products available.  Lower electrical resistance improves automotive battery performance vehicle manufacturers and consumers depend on.

Premium Quality

H&V is the only vertically integrated global AGM supplier.  H&V has full control of the sand evaluated to produce microfiber glass to the final AGM separator end-product.  We source premium materials and strive to ensure the AGM separator is pure and low in leachates.

Global Distribution

H&V produces AGM separator in North America, Europe, and Asia.  Global and regional AGM battery producers can count on AGM product consistency across the globe. 

Solutions Provider

Since H&V produces All-Glass and reinforced AGM separator in every region of the world, we have regional technical experts available to support your application needs.  We are ready to partner with you to solve your AGM battery separator requirements for any application.

What Applications do All-Glass AGM Separator Serve?

All-Glass AGM separator is the global industry leading separator for light passenger vehicle manufacturers.  All-Glass AGM is the ideal AGM separator for all passenger vehicle powertrains to include: 

  • Stop/Start 
  • Mild or Full-hybrid
  • Battery Electric Vehicles, Auxiliary

Choosing an All-Glass AGM Separator from the Industry Leader.

All-glass AGM separators by Hollingsworth & Vose Company are the best-selling automotive AGM battery separator across the globe due to their exceptional quality and performance. At H&V, we design and manufacture our battery separators to meet the highest standards for performance and battery assembly. To learn more about our advanced material offerings and how they are used in batteries, contact us today. We can be your trusted partner and expert for your battery solution needs.

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