Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) is strategically investing in its Mysuru India plant, doubling manufacturing capacity to produce battery separators that serve the South Asia and Global markets.

In 2014, H&V acquired Raman FibreScience Pvt Ltd, a technology company based in Mysuru, India. The facility specializes in developing innovations in fiber-based, wet-laid filtration media and battery separators and was a natural complement to H&V’s existing business. Today in Mysuru, H&V produces battery separator products that are used in a variety of energy storage applications.

“This investment will more than double our capacity to serve the global market and is an exciting opportunity to strengthen our on-the-ground presence in India. This growth will enable H&V to further support the global transition to clean and sustainable energy storage solutions,” said Nick Starita, President, Energy Solutions with H&V.

H&V manufactures Hi-Sep™ battery separators in Mysuru which are integral in industrial and automotive applications. Hi-Sep technology also serves a niche in applications such as electric rickshaws, back-up power, and industrial forklifts. Electric rickshaws are popular across Asia and are a growing form of transportation.

In line with H&V’s vision to provide solutions for “Creating a Cleaner World”, H&V’s investment will expand capacity to manufacture Hi-Sep battery separators and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators for automotive and industrial applications. Further, the investment will enable production of HEPA filtration media for regional customers.

About Hollingsworth & Vose

H&V is a global manufacturer of advanced materials used in filtration, battery and industrial applications. H&V’s advanced materials contribute to a cleaner world through their use in products that provide clean air, clean liquids and energy storage. Family-owned for seven generations, the company is headquartered in East Walpole, Massachusetts. Learn more at www.hollingsworth-vose.com.