Battery Separators

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Why is Hi-Sep preferred for automotive applications?

Hi-Sep is preferred in automotive applications because of its low electrical resistance and high volume porosity ensure minimum voltage loss in cranking. Its flat separator designs help to protect from active material shedding that can occur due to vibration in heavy duty trucks. Hi-Sep’s higher electrochemical oxidation ensures longevity in under hood conditions.

Why is Hi-Sep the preferred separator in motive power applications?

Hi-Sep has lower electrical resistance in this segment along with higher volume porosity and electrochemical oxidation. Hi-Sep maximizes watt-hour efficiency thanks to its’ lower ohmic-loss. H&V can produce Hi-Sep separators with a combination of rib or glass mat to increase acid availability to the positive plate which increases capacity and charge acceptance. Another benefit of the rib and glass matt is that they ensure protection against deep cycle.

Why is Hi-Sep preferred in standby applications?

Hi-Sep’s higher electrochemical oxidation and lower electrical resistance help in float charge applications which minimizes ohmic loss. Our separator’s non leachant formula helps the battery management system (BMS) to function optimally throughout its life.

What is Hi-Sep?

Hi-Sep battery separators are designed for flooded lead acid battery applications. Our non leachant formula is comprised of micro-glass fiber, synthetic fiber, fillters, and binders. Hi-Sep inherently exhibits low electrical resistance and has the highest porosity and highest electrochemical oxidation in its class. All these qualities make Hi-Sep extremely durable in a tropical environment.

Why is electrochemical resistance necessary for a lead acid separator?

Electrochemical oxidation resistance is beneficial in a separator because it means the battery is less suceptable to oxidative chemical attack from nascent oxygen and lead peroxide that occur as a result of the changing and overcharging process.

Do Hi-Sep battery separators have a shelf life?

Hi-Sep separators have no shelf life limitations.

Does Hi-Sep have any oil leachables?

No. Hi-Sep does not have oil leachables and is very stable even up to 1.80g/cc (98%) sulfuric acid.

How is the thickness of Hi-Sep measured?

Hi-Sep thickness is measured by using 25 mm pressure foot exerting 3.5 kPa.

What is the thickness range of Hi-Sep separators for automotive and SLI applications?

Hi-Sep separators are available in web thicknesses from 0.30mm – 0.50mm. Howerver, overall thickness can be as high as 2.0mm with a combinatio of rib and glass mat.

Is Hi-Sep suitable for automatic plate enveloping?

Yes, Hi-Sep battery separators can be run on high speed plate enveloping machines.

In what form is Hi-Sep available?

Hi-Sep is available in leaf (cut pieces), envelopes, or pouches for manual assembly, or rolls for automatic plate enveloping machines.