As a trusted supplier of energy and filtration solutions, Hollingsworth & Vose is dedicated to serving customers around the world. With 13 production facilities strategically located in North America, Asia, and Europe, H&V has a global footprint that is positioned to meet the needs of regional customers. H&V’s international presence, and vertically integrated capabilities producing raw materials, greatly improves its ability to supply customers.

Hollingsworth & Vose Makes a Significant Acquisition

In 2014, U.S.-based Hollingsworth & Vose acquired Raman FibreScience Pvt Ltd, a technology company based in Mysuru, India. Raman FibreScience specializes in developing innovations in fiber-based, wet-laid filtration media and battery separators and was a natural complement to H&V’s existing business. H&V successfully integrated the India R&D and manufacturing operations extending the company’s reach to supply Mysuru-based battery products to global customers.

The acquisition has enabled our manufacturing facility in Mysuru to produce battery separator products that expand our offerings into energy storage. For example, our Hi-Sep™ battery separators are produced in Mysuru and are commonly used in both industrial and automotive applications.

H&V Invests in India and Expands Manufacturing Capacity

Now in 2022, H&V is expanding its manufacturing capacity in Mysuru, India.  The investment H&V is committing will more than double H&V’s existing capacity to serve the South Asia and Global market. 

In line with H&V’s vision to provide solutions for “Creating a Cleaner World”, H&V’s investment will expand capacity to manufacture Hi-Sep battery separators and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators for automotive and industrial applications.  Further, the investment will enable production of HEPA filtration media for regional customers.      


H&V has invested and grown the technology where Hi-Sep serves a niche requirement in deep cycle flooded and gel battery applications to include Electric rickshaws, back-up power, and industrial forklifts.    

Premium Energy Solutions From Global Leader Hollingsworth & Vose

With multiple facilities spread across three continents, Hollingsworth & Vose is committed to providing the world with more innovative energy and filtration solutions. Our strategic acquisition of Raman FibreScience, coupled with the commitment to expand South Asia production capacity, has enabled H&V to further support the global transition to clean and sustainable energy storage solutions. We look forward to expanding our expertise and presence in India as well as the rest of the world.

To learn more about how working with H&V can streamline your operations, contact us today.

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