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  1. Hollingsworth and Vose Continues Its Pursuit of a Cleaner, Healthier, More Sustainable World

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    Hollingsworth & Vose has an innovative and insightful outlook that helped to grow the company from a family business established over 200 years ago to a global leader in the advanced filtration industry today. Our company’s primary goal is to develop sustainable filtration solutions for a cleaner, healthier world.

    Josh Ayer is the CEO of Hollingsworth & Vose. He came to the company in 2009 as the Vice President and Managing Director for their Asia Pacific Region. He then became the President and Managing Director of the Americas region, followed by President and Chief Operating Officer.

    Josh Ayer headshot

    International Filtration News (IFN) recently interviewed Ayer for their ”Executive Q&A” article. Ayer spoke about the dedication and commitment that Hollingsworth & Vose has to the research and development of sustainable filtration and energy.  

    How Has Hollingsworth & Vose Grown and Become an Industry-Leading Innovator?

    As a global manufacturer of advanced materials for filtration, battery, and industrial applications, Hollingsworth & Vose always strives to maintain innovation in everything we do. 

    Since our origins in 1728, we’ve expanded our manufacturing and research development into facilities in America, China, Europe, and India. Our greatest strengths are foresight and the ability to meet market needs and create a positive impact as they arise. 

    During Ayer’s interview, he explained the company’s success, ”I think it’s always been key for us as a company to keep innovation at the forefront of what we do. That is what has allowed us to evolve and thrive for so long.”

    Ayer also mentioned the following reasons for H&V’s past and continued growth:

    • An international presence that has contributed significantly to our role as an industry leader.
    • Our 13 worldwide research and development, and manufacturing facilities, allow us to partner economically and efficiently with customers. 

    How Are Hollingsworth & Vose Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    We stepped up when COVID-19 struck the world, and our main focus became providing the filtration media for respirators, ventilators, medical wear, and COVID-19 testing materials.

    In addition to filter media, our battery separators supported medical equipment and backup power sources for overtaxed emergency vehicles, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

    According to Ayer, ”Before COVID-19, the industry was in a pretty good place. There was a wide range of interesting markets — lots of demand for increased performance requirements that really kept us not only busy but continually innovating, as well.”

    As Ayer thought back to the start of the pandemic, he talked more about the challenges and adaptations the company faced: 

    • Overcoming capacity constraints 
    • Adapting and shifting focus to “people protection”
    • Providing emergency vehicles, hospitals, and other health facilities with battery separators for backup power sources

    Ayer is also looking ahead to the future of H&V. He believes filtration is going to play a huge part in the future of vaccines, which require the microfiltration of liquids and pharmaceutical cleanrooms to eliminate air contaminants. 

    Further, as government regulations and consumer expectations lean toward improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), our global environmental efforts for clean energy, air, and water will intensify. 

    Important Market Segments for Filtration in 2022

    As far as filtration in 2022, Ayer believes the demand for filtration media will continue to increase as the public realizes the importance of sustainability and emission reduction. Government regulations and corporate air quality policies will expedite the demand for green buildings with sustainable, healthy spaces that adhere to LEED standards.

    Additionally, cabin air filtration will play a huge part in the transportation sector as we move toward more energy-efficient vehicles, such as hybrids and EVs. Ayer predicts, ”The demand for filtration in the future may evolve, but it’s not going away.”

    Hollingsworth & Vose Continues Its Innovations Toward Sustainable, Clean Filtration Solutions

    Hollingsworth & Vose is a family-run company and global leader in the development of sustainable filtration media. As Ayer proudly said, ”We won’t stray from our mission of creating a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world.” 

    Contact us for information on sustainable filtration and ethical energy solutions that meet your sustainable business needs.

    You can also click here or the image below for our latest brochure on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)!

  2. Hollingsworth & Vose Continues to Expand Their Global Presence in India

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    As a trusted supplier of energy and filtration solutions, Hollingsworth & Vose is dedicated to serving customers around the world. With 13 production facilities strategically located in North America, Asia, and Europe, H&V has a global footprint that is positioned to meet the needs of regional customers. H&V’s international presence, and vertically integrated capabilities producing raw materials, greatly improves its ability to supply customers.

    Hollingsworth & Vose Makes a Significant Acquisition

    In 2014, U.S.-based Hollingsworth & Vose acquired Raman FibreScience Pvt Ltd, a technology company based in Mysuru, India. Raman FibreScience specializes in developing innovations in fiber-based, wet-laid filtration media and battery separators and was a natural complement to H&V’s existing business. H&V successfully integrated the India R&D and manufacturing operations extending the company’s reach to supply Mysuru-based battery products to global customers.

    The acquisition has enabled our manufacturing facility in Mysuru to produce battery separator products that expand our offerings into energy storage. For example, our Hi-Sep™ battery separators are produced in Mysuru and are commonly used in both industrial and automotive applications.

    H&V Invests in India and Expands Manufacturing Capacity

    Now in 2022, H&V is expanding its manufacturing capacity in Mysuru, India.  The investment H&V is committing will more than double H&V’s existing capacity to serve the South Asia and Global market. 

    In line with H&V’s vision to provide solutions for “Creating a Cleaner World”, H&V’s investment will expand capacity to manufacture Hi-Sep battery separators and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) separators for automotive and industrial applications.  Further, the investment will enable production of HEPA filtration media for regional customers.      


    H&V has invested and grown the technology where Hi-Sep serves a niche requirement in deep cycle flooded and gel battery applications to include Electric rickshaws, back-up power, and industrial forklifts.    

    Premium Energy Solutions From Global Leader Hollingsworth & Vose

    With multiple facilities spread across three continents, Hollingsworth & Vose is committed to providing the world with more innovative energy and filtration solutions. Our strategic acquisition of Raman FibreScience, coupled with the commitment to expand South Asia production capacity, has enabled H&V to further support the global transition to clean and sustainable energy storage solutions. We look forward to expanding our expertise and presence in India as well as the rest of the world.

    To learn more about how working with H&V can streamline your operations, contact us today.