Batteries for motive power applications such as forklifts, manlifts, and electric vehilcles operate in demanding partial state of charge conditions over a long working life.  For batteries to meet these demands seperators are needed with high porosity, low electrical resistance, high electro-chemical oxidation resistance, and quick electrolyte absorption characteristics.  Hi-Sep meets these requirements and has the added advantage of being able to operate at elevated temperatures without any significant change in performance.  Hi-Sep motive power separators are available to suit your requirements in configurations with glass mat, ribs, or both.

  • Hi-Sep battery separators have 20% higher porosity, 50% higher oxidation resistance, and 10% lower electrical resistance than competitive separators.
  • Available in leaf (Hi-Sep) and sleeve (Hi-Sep PG) form or in roll form for sleeving.  Rib thickness is designed to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Better deep discharge recoverability.

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